4D Simulation: Risk Mitigation

Facing critical decisions about a new oil field development, executives from one of the world’s largest energy companies called on EOS Solutions to test the validity of project plans and risk mitigation strategies. EOS applied its advanced systems modeling principles to the Company’s real-world plans and built several different 4D simulations. As a result, they were able to make significant improvements to the plan and accurately plan for adjustment to variables such as: capital investment schedules, staffing levels, seasonal changes in production, site layout and changes in the price of oil.

3D PDF: Engineering Release

In pursuit of the most efficient engineering release procedures for a new project involving a client in the wide-body aircraft industry, Goodrich Corporation challenged EOS to lead the integration of 3D PDF software into its operations. EOS created a one-click solution that allowed engineers and designers to convert engineering release data from CATIA into a universally accessible 3D PDF document. To date, the global aerospace supplier has released over 4,000 parts using a customized 3D PDF solution from EOS.

4D: Forecasting Production

For the number one producer of regional aircraft, forecasting order fulfillment schedules years in advance of actual delivery dates is vital to avoiding penalties for late delivery. Pulling together key data from throughout the supply chain, like shipping schedules and product failure rates, EOS ran 4D simulations of the entire manufacturing process. From the fluctuation of its supplier’s delivery schedules, to the ergonomics of plane assembly, the intelligence gathered from the simulations allowed the airplane maker to negotiate penalties for late delivery with supreme confidence and improve its manufacturing process.

3D PDF: Work Instructions

Pursuing innovative solutions for repairing its Bradley Fighting Vehicle in the field, the U.S. Department of Defense was among the first organizations in the world to integrate 3D PDF into its operations. Working together with staff at the Red River Army Depot, EOS created 3D work instructions embedded into a highly compressed PDF file that soldiers in the field could download in minutes and use to visualize complex transmission repairs. Unlike previous work instructions, which required non-standard software installations and took hours to download, 3D PDF vastly improved mission flexibility and responsiveness.

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4D Simulation

Before and during projects that will shape an organization’s future for decades to come, EOS Solutions’ 4D simulation allows key decision makers to analyze the economic and operational impact of volatile resources and unpredictable events within complex systems. Led by the world’s foremost experts in systems modeling, our customized user-interface puts actionable intelligence in the right hands and allows for dynamic cross-functional collaboration.



As the exclusive training, support and service provider for Adobe Acrobat X with 3D PDF Converter, EOS Solutions is a global source for 3D PDF software and customized plug-ins. 3D PDF promotes unparalleled collaboration throughout the supply chain, allowing users to convert 3D CAD data from every major format into a universally accessible 3D PDF document.


Fundamental CAVE Technology

Learn about EOS Solutions Fundamental CAVE, a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment with continuous peripheral vision, an innovative curved wall, and a seamless display, all at an affordable cost. The Fundamental CAVE allows a company create and utilize virtual prototypes on site, leading to reduced costs, minimized rebuilds, and a more efficient path to move products to market. EOS created this Fundamental CAVE using TechViz software. TechViz, a Paris based software-editing company, is known for their advanced visualization solutions for 3D applications designed to display virtual prototypes.