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TechViz XL Works with more than 150 professional 3D applications. Enables Easy Navigation, Stereo3D Display, Autostereo, Virtual Reality, CAVE, HMD, Tracking systems, 1:1 Scale Viewing, Unlimited Resolution.


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EOS Solutions Fundamental CAVE Technology


The EOS Solutions Fundamental CAVE is an affordable virtual environment designed for implementation in any business. At 14’ wide and 8’ tall with a 7’ radius, the Fundamental CAVE features an innovative curved wall, allowing for the largest possible display in a small space. The curved wall is comprised of a single screen stretched over a rounded modular stainless steel frame. Because the wall is one continuous screen, peripheral vision allows the viewer to see the whole projection without having to stand back. The Fundamental CAVE uses only 2 projectors, which are synchronized and calibrated with warping and edge-blending to provide a seamless display. Additionally, it features full tracking through the use of TechViz’s Virtual Workbench software. The Fundamental CAVE is also designed for portability, and can be assembled and disassembled with relative ease. The low cost and small size of the Fundamental CAVE allow businesses of any size to reap the many benefits of virtual prototyping.

Is your company ready to cut down on costs, minimize rebuilds, and move products to market more efficiently? Take part in this virtual, versatile innovation, now available for small and medium-sized businesses. An opportunity to improve your product development cycles through virtual prototyping awaits you!

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TechViz & EOS Solutions

TechViz virtual reality (VR) software allows you to display virtual prototypes in real time, directly from your desktop 3D applications in a virtual environment. As its exclusive North American partner, EOS can integrate TechViz VR solutions that help you simulate a working prototype, fine tune a new model design, validate the desired product performance, or evaluate the impact of a product’s usage within its operating environment. TechViz’s product portfolio represents a collaborative tool and virtual visualization solution to help accelerate your development and planning cycle.

TechViz VR Solutions

TechViz XL

TechViz XL converts and displays 3D models from the most popular desktop applications on any display solution, including CAVE, HMD, and visualization walls. Using TechViz XL does not require special application skills, so any user can work directly within a desktop 3D applications and see 3D model display in real time. TechViz XL’s unique ability to convert 3D models from virtually any desktop application sets it apart from conventional VR solutions and allows you to accelerate your validation process.

TechViz Virtual Workbench

TechViz Virtual Workbench is comprised of the latest Human Body Tracking, Virtual Assembly, and Finger Tracking technology developed by TechViz. Human Body Tracking virtually represents a human body in the 3D model scene using a real time, full body motion tracking system. This enables users to validate ergonomic factors within the 3D model. Virtual Assembly enables users to select and isolate a part of the 3D model to view collisions with the model and record an animation that can be reloaded for further analysis. Finger Tracking displays a virtual representation of a hand in the 3D scene based on a real-time, full hand motion tracking system. Typically, it is used for detailed reach analysis studies and to view collisions with the model.

TechViz Fusion

TechViz Fusion runs multiple applications together without any data conversion. You can make any data change in the native applications and see results immediately in the fused together 3D view. This allows you to edit your 3D models and see the results together in the final Game Engine, visualize the motion capture data in the final scene or see different kinds of data together as one view. TechViz Fusion gives you to ability to integrate CAD parts in realistic visualization.

TechViz Turbo

TechViz Turbo is the ideal solution for making major improvements to the performance of your 3D application. It transparently accelerates the display of your existing 3D application by boosting the rendering performance. By using TechViz Turbo you will be able to work directly in your native application and to navigate in large 3D model data and assemblies. TechViz Turbo also optimizes Open GL and dynamic load balancing and increases your software interactivity. Moreover, to use TechViz Turbo you do not need to learn specialized software or convert your data in order to visualize your 3D model.

TechViz Digital Review

TechViz Digital Review delivers a set of intuitive functionalities that facilitate virtual prototyping project reviews. You can prepare a preset of views, do interactive measurements, manipulate clipping plans, take snapshots, select and hide parts or add annotations directly on the model. All these functionalities take advantage of fully interactive navigation devices like Flysticks or Wands. They are designed to be used by anybody and work the same way independently of the 3D application where the model is loaded.

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